In our 3-day intensive engagement, a core team of our multi-disciplinary senior management works with your senior leadership to identify and triage your most pressing issues with your business and marketing strategy. By bringing strategic, business and creative brains to the table, this quick hit of Joey thinking will give your senior leadership a short-term, high-energy burst of ideas, analysis and resolution scenarios.

We will meet with you and relevant business leaders in your organization, which can include C-level leadership, R&D, Sales and Distribution. We will analyze your current strategies and provide a 30,000-foot view outlining our take on your situation. We can tackle issues like product positioning, identification of your “perfect” consumer, messaging across consumer touchpoints and/or how to maximize your current investments. 

On day three, we provide you with a one-page document outlining our analysis. We will prioritize any actions we recommend as well. We guarantee, three days of our thinking will have you thinking about your product, market and consumer in a whole new way.

They helped us step out of our rut and think on a different level. They set a wonderful example for companies who are redefining themselves and revisiting their own image.
— Deena Katz, President, Evensky & Katz Financial Planning
Your work brought us a dimension that allows us to be more profitable every day.
— Susan Scarola, Vice Chairman, DCH Auto Group