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You have a strategy and are executing against it. It’s going…OK. But you are just not sure if it is the most efficient, salient and motivating way to reach consumers and grow your brand. In 63 days, get an unbiased, outside resource to help you see what you are doing right, and what you could be doing better.

Using our “Seeing What Others Fail to See®” Methodology, we will verify and identify exactly who you should be talking to and how, when and about what. By asking our four proprietary questions about The Market, The Consumer, The Product and The Brand, we will identify the optimal white space that only your brand can occupy, which we call The Pivotal Insight. You can then review your current efforts and determine what to keep, what to do more of and what, if anything, to jettison.

This requires no changes in your current agency or marketing partner arrangements, and we are more than happy to work with your partners if desired to ensure seamless and actionable results.

They zero in on a brand at the DNA level to understand what makes it tick…
— Don Gilmour, Category Manager, ACT, Chattem
The Joey Company has proved itself capable of ‘jumping’ across the traditional boundaries of business, education, and non-profit organizational systems.
— Gail McCulloch, Major Gift Officer, School of Public Health, University of Michigan
The Joey Company exceeded our expectations. And the team is wonderful to work with.
— Maryann Ballota, Group Marketing Manager, Health and Home, Jarden Consumer Solutions
The Joey Company provided a unique approach to assessing our company within the context of our heritage, relevancy within the market and with varying consumer segments. Joey has a true appreciation for the DNA of brands and has an astute insight into the core of what really connects with customers.
— Lucille Dehart, CMO, Maidenform